Speaking of Yogi Bhajan

Guru Fatha Singh’s – Speaking of Yogi Bhajan Video Series

Recently the moderator posted a link on the Facebook Group: Beyond the Cage, to a video series on YouTube, by one of the stand-out 3HO ‘double-downers’, Guru Fatha Singh of Toronto. He was involved in promoting the “The Thompson Report“, which was paid for by some 3HO diehards who objected to the methods of the An Olive Branch Report on YB’s sexual abuses to his followers. Rather than consider the magnitude, the number of people coming forward and the outrageous behavior of YB being exposed by the sexual abuses survivors, they chose to attack the method of data collection. “It wasn’t a real investigation!” they wailed.

While it initially stressed me out to see that there are still people in 3HO holding onto this oblivious, head-in-the-echo-chamber approach, denying the obvious — that YB was a crook, a fraud and serial sexual predator, I decided to take a closer look at the videos.

I thought these videos were interesting as a document as to how cult followers can continue to mislead themselves.

Some things that stood out in these videos— first, how few of the ‘double-downers’ there appear to be left. If this were a big movement, it seem like there would be many more views of the videos. The average number of ‘views’ of these 12 videos was 125 at the time I write this. I would wager that at least some of those views are from the outraged or curious, asking ‘how can these people still not listen?’ YB claimed he had over 250,000 followers at various points. Surely more of them can be counted on to show some support.

YouTube videos are well-known for having a high falloff rate. People are impatient with their time and close videos as fast as they will change the channel when a TV commercial comes on. It is therefore questionable how many ‘viewers’ actually make it past the 5-minute mark on a 3-hour video of a ragtag collection of unquestioning cult followers telling their tales of the “good old days”. Especially when the video begins with an out of tune chant.

Table of Videos in the ‘Speaking of YB’ YouTube series.

Finally, most of these Zoom calls were recorded back in 2020 or early 2021, with no new content added for a while. How many of the ‘old guard’ are gradually coming to grips and starting to believe the women and children who were abused? I believe I saw a few faces here that recently showed up on a Zoom call where three former YB secretaries told their stories of sexual abuse by YB. Is 3HO in freefall?

If you want to see a series of short videos about what is actually going on with 3HO, consider having a look at this YouTube playlist called ‘3HO Cult Info‘. I promise, no out of tune chanting is involved.

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