3HO – a Cult in Turmoil

A good leader, a wise leader supports and mentors a successor. Cult leaders, often because of their paranoia and narcissism, cannot tolerate rivals.

Yogi Bhajan left no successor of any stature within the organization. He belittled and castigated any leaders who stood out. Over the years, many of the best and talented people left the group on seeing his corruption and abuses. All he left behind when he died, was a legacy of infighting.

Witness the battle for control of the 3HO businesses, Yogi Tea and Golden Temple Foods. And now there is a battle for control of the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation, the organization that controls the 3HO Kundalini Yoga cult.

The fight is between those who believe the women that have come forward to tell their stories of sexual abuse by Yogi Bhajan, the so called ‘moderates’ and those that deny any wrong doing by the cult leader, the ‘deniers’.

Rumors of cheating and vote stacking by the deniers have surrounded the upcoming board election. The law firm running the contest has balked at certifying the election of the board until the group can clean up the criteria for voting. Dishonest, ‘denier’ teachers in foreign countries were willing to risk the freedom and possibly even the very lives of their students to further their corrupt goals.

At stake in this election is the direction of the group, their willingness to settle fairly with the women who were sexually abused and the children damaged by the abusive 3HO schools in India.

The choices made in this election will determine the direction of the 3HO cult for years to come.

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