The ‘mumbo-jumbo sermons’ of Yogi Bhajan

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Quotes from Sikhism and Tantric Yoga by Trilochan Singh

This book published way back in the day called YB out for all his bullshit.

Several fragments of the introduction letter to the readers by a historian named Dr. Trilochan Singh (Sikhism and Tantric Yoga, 1977)

“Yogi Bhajan is a Sikh by birth, a Mafia Tantric by choice but without training, and a ‘Siri Singh Sahib’ and self styled Leader of the Sikhs of Western Hemisphere by fluke and mysterious strategy.”

“His disciples beautifully dressed in Classical Sikh style, a thing charming and courageous by itself, and not easy for those who do it in this country, are indoctrinated by utterly absurd doctrines of Tantra and hearsay mantras of Sikhism. Within six years he could have given them a detailed interpretation of Sikh scriptures and the best works on Sikh history; but as he is himself is gravely ignorant of them all, and unable to interpret even two pages of Adi Guru Granth, he has been feeding them with mumbo-jumbo sermons, which sometimes do not make any sense. I have quoted innumerable instances of his abhorrent knowledge of Sikhism which would make a high school student from the Punjab burst into laughter.”

The sincerity of his followers is so deep and profound that even for their sake one would hesitate to criticize 3HO; but their ignorance and misguided faith may lead to a situation when they too may fall away disillusioned and disgusted with his false doctrines, and blame Sikhism and Sikh savants for not warning them and saving them.”

Yogi Bhajan has always been, to those who knew him, physically and emotionally attractive, intellectually Bohemian and repulsive because of rough and abusive tongue. His organizational ability backed by the brilliant imagination of Americans, expert in commercial publicity, project him as a person head and shoulders above many Sikh leaders. His Bohemian ways, his impious holiness, his liberal stance, his outward courtesy and friendliness and secret intrigues to run down others, his private admission of his weaknesses and his public declaration of his Messiah ship, his divine sermons and abusive tongue, make him what I would call a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of his own kind, a remarkably apt character for a Shakespearean stage. Between his blind admirers, who go into ecstasy on receiving every touch on their soft skins, and his virulent uncompromising critics, a Writer of my position has nothing to choose.”

“I admire him for many of his qualities which make him distinguished and lovable like a famous Circus Clown. He might not have taken the path of sacrilegious innovation and mixing his mumbo jumbo Tantric rituals with Sikh mystical ideals if thoughtless and selfish leaders like Gurcharan Singh Taura and Hukam Singh had not given him the license and authority to do anything he liked. These leaders are known for their ethically unstable bungling and treacherous roles in Sikh political and religious life, to which I have devoted a whole chapter.”

“My battle now is not against Yogi Bhajan but against his sacrilegious teachings in the name of Sikhism. My sympathy is with those Americans who are genuine seekers of Sikhism, and who are prepared to walk on this Path with or without Yogi Bhajan and not with trained hooligans who under his orders threaten and insult others. This is one more campaign for Truth and sanctity of religious principles for which I may have to suffer both at the hands of hate campaigners and the brainwashed and programmed followers of Yogi Bhajan. I have always paid the price of isolating historical truths from political campaigns of self-interest of the few. I will do it again.”

“Even fifty years from now this book will have a meaning and significance of its own. An open inquiry should be held into everything our own leaders have done to misguide and mislead the American Sikhs by Five Sikhs elected by a Takhat outside the control of S.G.P.C. leaders.”

“I hope the Sikh Community will wake up from the sleep of apathy and indifference towards all the sacrilegious activities committed by our politicians in the name of Sikh Religion and Sikh Panth. Most of the American Sikhs are absolutely innocent as well as ignorant. They must know authentic Sikhism from authentic and inspired Sikhs. God alone knows how long we will continue to suffer these shameful activities of our politicians and charlatan passing as holy men. After years of silence I have decided to stake my life, my honor, my prestige to fight this demonic evil at all levels and in all areas of the lives of our people.”

NOTE: this book has a new edition, published by the son of Trilochan Singh, Anurag Singh. It is available on Amazon.

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