Kundalini Yoga Cult Organization to Rebrand?

For years, it has been a controversial name. The “Siri Singh Sahib Corporation” or SSSC for short, is the title of the 3HO Kundalini Yoga group’s governing body. The name of the corporation comes from the cult leader Yogi Bhajan. The now deceased guru chose the grandiose title “the Siri Singh Sahib” for himself while claiming to be head of religious authority
in the Western Hemisphere for the Sikh religion.

This audacious claim was disputed by many Indian Sikhs at the time.The main governing body of the Golden Temple, Sikhism’s biggest shrine, also protested. Despite this, somehow his chosen title stood.

When cult leader Bhajan died in 2004 the committee designated to run his sprawling empire was named the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation.

In the past two years, a convincing body of evidence has been building that Yogi Bhajan was a conman, a violent serial sexual abuser of his followers and a fake yogi. He destroyed families, taking children from their parents and sending them to abusive schools in India.

An unattributed source tells us that the group will be changing their name to the “Serial Sexual Sadist Corp”, or the SSSC for short. This allows them to demonstrate the seriousness of their resolve to show real change in the group’s direction and at the same time save money on printing new stationary.

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