India Times article on Yogi Bhajan

Many people in India realized that Yogi Bhajan was a fraud long ago. This recent article is a reminder to others.

Yogi Bhajan with one of his followers, Gurutej Singh Khalsa, Gurutej, now Tej Steiner, was one of the few in the cult leadership to call out Bhajan when he left the group.

He liked gems, and amassed a maharaja-worthy collection of jewellery, a fleet of luxury cars (he was partial to Rolls-Royce and Mercedes), a 20-plus-acre ranch in New Mexico, and an additional 120 acres nearby in the high desert. When he was at his Los Angeles headquarters, he liked to shop in Beverly Hills and dine at La Scala! Such was the life of India-born Harbhajan Singh Puri alias Yogi Bhajan.

India Times: “Inside The Dubious World Of A Cult That Turned 550-year-old Religion Into A Commodity

Update 2022-07-13: When we publicized this article, we were made aware that it closely resembles an article written back in July of 2020 by Stacie Stukin and published in LA Mag: Yogi Bhajan Turned an L.A. Yoga Studio into a Juggernaut, and Left Two Generations of Followers Reeling from Alleged Abuse.


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