Spotting a Fake Guru

Blog post from Wake Up World

This may or may not be a fake guru.

According to Paul Lenda from Wake Up World, there are 9 ways of spotting a fake guru.
The spiritual world is filled with charismatic frauds, so it’s important to be discerning.
These 9 rules are not definite by nature but should be used as a rough way to quickly assess the quality of a guru. The rules check out with respect to Yogi Bhajan.

  1. Charging a large amount of money.
  2. Giving themselves fancy titles. Sri sri sri sri…
  3. Inability to take criticism.
  4. Overly focused on the end goal of spiritual enlightenment rather than the process of getting there.
  5. Behaving hypocritically.
  6. Focusing on fulfilling an egocentric desire.
  7. Displaying spiritual materialism.
  8. Behaving selfishly.
  9. Promising a fast path to self-realization.

Read the full post here: Wake Up World

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