How Bhajan enforced conformism in 3HO yoga students

Source: 2006 Aquarian Times Magazine

Activity Pedagogy

How does a teacher encourage good behavior and conformism from their students? The answer often involves integrating some kind of physical activity or sport into their teaching. Absorbed in jumping on the spot or running around, and tired as a result, children are less likely to argue or make trouble. Recognizing this phenomenon, several cults have aimed to occupy members with endless series of tiring activities as a means of control. For example, some suspected cults like Dahn Yoga are on the surface just physical exercise systems. In Russia, mass sporting events like calisthenics in stadiums were a recognizable feature of the Soviet system, and are associated by historians with the repressive state apparatus.

What separates activity pedagogy from mere sports is that a regime or cult will take advantage of the heightened mood and group identity experienced after physical activity to introduce ideological beliefs that might otherwise be met with skepticism. Exhaustion by exercise is yet another way that people’s defenses can be worn away as means of encouraging them to accept questionable ideas.

Sound familiar?

Source: Top 10 Brainwashing and Mind Control Techniques

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